Telescopic flashlight



Introducing Our Best-Selling P50 LED Tactical Flashlight – Unleash the Power of Light!

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy for Durability and Performance
  • Package Size: Compact and Convenient at 140 x 40 x 30 mm

Product Specifications:

  • Lamp Model: P50 LED
  • Lens Material: High-Quality Optical Lens
  • Working Gears: 3 Modes – Strong, Weak, Flashing
  • Product Size: 12.2 x 3.3 x 2.4cm (13.2cm after zooming)
  • Applicable Battery: 18650 (Battery not included)
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4 for Reliability in All Conditions
  • Lumens: Powerful 1800 Lumens (Actual 1200 Lumens)
  • Product Power: Efficient 15W
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V for Optimal Performance
  • Color: Sleek and Stylish Black
  • Direct Charge: Convenient USB Direct Charging
  • Focus Feature: Telescopic Zoom for Versatility
  • Switch Position: Middle Push Button Switch for Easy Operation
  • Power Display: Smart Power Indicator – Green for Sufficient Power, Red for Low Power

Why Our P50 LED Flashlight Stands Out:

  1. Ultra-Bright P Lamp Beads: Illuminate your surroundings with an impressive 1800 lumens, ensuring clarity and visibility. The long service life of 100,000 hours guarantees lasting brilliance.
  2. Eagle Eye Convex Lens: Featuring a high-performance convex lens, our flashlight ensures excellent light transmission, durability, and protection from wear with its robust aluminum tapping head.
  3. Telescopic Zoom: Easily adapt to various situations with the telescopic zoom function. Effortlessly switch between astigmatism and concentration modes by adjusting the head, providing unmatched convenience.
  4. User-Friendly Middle Switch: Crafted from high-quality natural rubber, the middle switch offers a non-slip surface for easy operation. Lightly touch the switch to toggle between lighting modes seamlessly.
  5. Optimized Battery Contact: The flashlight incorporates a battery spring contact design, ensuring reliable electrical conductivity and preventing any issues related to poor contact.


  • Single Flashlight + USB Cable (Battery not included)
  • Flashlight + Standard 18650 Battery + USB Cable

Experience the Power of Light – Order Your P50 LED Tactical Flashlight Now!

Note: Limited stock available. Act fast to illuminate your world.


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